Pilot/ATC Conversion Course

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Remote Aviation Australia runs ATC/Pilot Conversion courses to give those with prior aviation experience a streamlined but informed path into the industry.

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Ryan McMahon
Chief Remote Pilot, Head of Training
Andrew Learmonth
Flight Training Manager & RPAS Instructor


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Our Pilot/ATC Conversion Course

RePL pilot conversion

If you hold previous aviation qualifications/experience, you do not have to complete the full, five-day RPAS training course to obtain your remote pilot licence. We are approved to conduct the necessary operational training, and therefore can assist any existing pilots or air traffic controllers. Our Pilot/ATC Conversion course includes:


Up to 5.0 Hours Flight Time

Using our RPA, we will provide the five hours flight time necessary for your RePL application.

Online Theory Access

Although theoretical training is not required by the regulations, to help you learn more about the industry we will give you three months access to our online training. This will allow you to review topics that may be unfamiliar to you, such as RPAS air law and systems. The course is structured so that you can utilise the online theory at your own pace with no in house exam required.

Flexible Training Options

 The 5 hours flying can be obtained over two days with a practical assessment on conclusion. We have multiple dates available to conduct the practical flying to allow flexibility with work requirements etc. Alternatively if you have previous flying experience this can be shortened to one day.

Upon completion of the practical flight assessment to a satisfactory standard, you will be issued with an authorised certificate from Remote Aviation Australia.

CASA then requires that you get this certified from a JP or equivalent and then send the certificate, with a copy of your logbook (which we will assist you with) and a completed Form 101-01 to CASA licensing and registration. Processing times are generally 2-4 weeks at which point you will receive your licence in the mail.

Course Dates

Upcoming pilot conversion courses:

  • Brisbane – Online Theory and Weekly Practical Courses available – contact us for dates that suit you.
  • TAS – Online Theory available – Practical to be booked when restrictions allow.
  • VIC – Online Theory available – Practical to be booked when restrictions allow.
  • NSW – Online Theory available – Practical to be booked when restrictions allow.
  • WA – Online Theory available – Practical to be booked when restrictions allow.
  • ACT – Online Theory available – Practical to be booked when restrictions allow.

If you have significant experience in operating remote aircraft please contact us. We will work with you to develop an operational training course that acknowledges this prior experience, which will save you time and money.

We also offer group discounts if there are four or more participants. Contact us for a negotiated rate.

Please note: The operational training we provide to existing aviation professionals is structured differently to our full RPAS course, and is therefore significantly cheaper. As a result, it does not include the training pack students receive on the full RPAS course. In addition, CASA requires you to submit the necessary licence paperwork, which currently costs $160 to process. This cost is not included in our operational training course fee, and must be paid by the course participant.

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We are a CASA-approved UAV and RPAS training organisation (CASA.ReOC.1006). We are committed to seeing individuals and businesses achieve their goals in the remote aviation industry. Our expert instructors deliver high quality, flexible and affordable Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Remote Aviation is the RPAS training division of Aviation Australia - https://aviationaustralia.aero

The AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) is delivered by Aviation Australia (CRICOS No.02425C, RTO No.30770).


Email: rpas@aviationaustralia.aero
Telephone: +61 7 3860 0916